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The Top eCommerce Podcasts for Marketplace Sellers

Whether I'm walking my dog, cooking, or hanging out the washing, podcasts are a mainstay in my day-to-day. Outside of work, my favourite shows to listen to are Modern Wisdom & The Imperfects, as well as occasional episodes of Diary of a CEO & The Joe Rogan Experience, so when Chloe Thomas invited me to talk about marketplaces on her podcast, Keep Optimising, I could hardly say no!

I didn't know it then, but Chloe's great interviewing skills and the experience of being a guest on her show would inspire me to start my own podcast - I know; another man with a microphone is just what the world needs, right?

What started as a fleeting idea quickly became a real opportunity when I realised that there was basically no other podcast which covered eCommeleon's main content: marketplaces beyond Amazon. Naturally, there's a lot of content about Amazon - from expensive courses to YouTube videos and podcasts.

Marketplace Jungle was able to become the first podcast about marketplaces beyond Amazon. At least in the English language. Credit where it's due - Valerie Dichtl (episode 1 of Marketplace Jungle) is co-host of the Let's Talk Marketplace podcast which covers marketplaces in Europe with a focus on the fashion industry.

Marketplace Jungle

Exploring the World of Marketplaces beyond Amazon

If you haven't already seen it, check out the podcast using one of the links below:

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The Top Podcasts for Marketplace Sellers:

During my research, I came across some fantastic eCommerce podcasts which are great resources for marketplace sellers. Some are Amazon focussed, others are more general, but here's my list of the top eCommerce podcasts for marketplace sellers.


No. 1 - eCommerce Masterplan

Chloe Thomas

eCommerce Masterplan looks at eCommerce from the perspective of marketing rather than marketplaces, but this is one of the broadest reaching podcasts that I've come across and Chloe's experience building and exiting her own marketing agency only adds to the expertise presented from the high-quality of her guests.

Sustainability is at the forefront of Chloe's priorities list and this is represented well in this podcast so there is no end of tips here to help an eCommerce business succeed in transitioning towards a climate-friendly model.



No. 2 - eCommerce Edge

Jason Greenwood

With more than 20 years' of experience in eCommerce operations, Jason Greenwood is an expert on all things eCommerce tech. In his day job, Jason helps brands and retailers optimise their eCommerce operations by helping them work out the best technology and processes for their business. 

eCommerce Edge (previously known as "At The Coalface") covers a range of topics including excerpts from Jason's mentoring programme where he helps brands with all aspects of eCommerce operations, as well as one-on-one interviews with industry experts and reviews of the new and interesting eCommerce technologies.

Primarily focussed on B2B, this is a great resource, particularly for more traditional brands who might just be realising that eCommerce is not just for those with a consumer-facing business.


No. 3 - It's Always Day One

Himanshu Verma  & George Reid

If you only listen to one Amazon podcast, make it this one!

George Reid is a former Amazon Partner Manager. In addition to the It's Always Day One podcast, George also -publishes a range of useful tips and strategies to help grow your Amazon business over at his blog.

Himanshu took over the podcast more recently and now keeps sellers up-to-date on all things Amazon through his quick news blasts.



No. 4 - eCommerce Podcast

Matt Edmundson

After exiting his own retail business, after 10 years, Matt set up the eCommerce Podcast to share his learnings and to interview other relevant industry experts on a range of topics covering digital marketing, social media, content marketing and more.

Check out my episode on eCommerce Podcast here or learn more about Matt's history in his interview on eCommerce Masterplan with Chloe Thomas.



No. 5 - Watson Weekly

Rick Watson 

Rick Watson is well known for his concise and accessible summaries of complex topics - whether it's a breakdown of the latest earnings reports from the biggest players in eCommerce, or his musings on the potential impacts of moves being made in our space.

The Watson Weekly covers a huge range of topics from the world of eCommerce and is a great place to go for a quick update on things you might otherwise have missed.

Check out more from Rick here.


No. 6 - The Jason & Scot Show

Jason Goldberg & Scot Wingo 

Scot Wingo is the co-founder of ChannelAdvisor and an OG in eCommerce marketplaces. Jason Goldberg wears many hats, but you might know him as the main man behind Retail Geek.

This podcast isn't specifically marketplace-focussed but is an easy listen and covers the broader topics of eCommerce in general from two of the OG's in the space. With their fingers on the pulse of some of the biggest movers in the eCommerce world, Jason & Scot are great at bringing a high-level overview to ensure you never miss a trick.


Honourable Mentions:

Let's Talk Marketplace 🇩🇪

Valerie Dichtl & Ingrid Lommer 

For the German-speaking audience among you, Let's Talk Marketplace is a collaboration between Valerie Dichtl, Founder of 'Marketplace Uni' and Ingrid Lommer from Internet World and covers a range of topics regarding selling on marketplaces in Germany and beyond. Focussed mainly on the fashion segment, this is a great listen if you want to learn more about selling on Zalando, About You, Breuninger & more.

Many of these topics, and more, were also covered in Valerie's episode on Marketplace Jungle which you can find here.



Keep Optimising

Chloe Thomas

Not exactly marketplace focussed, but Chloe's second podcast series focusses on optimisation of your existing channels - marketplaces or otherwise.

Keep Optimising focusses on a topic each month; Google, Email, SEO, Social Media, etc. and goes in-depth on optimising this specific area.

Check out Marketplace Month here.



Marketplace Jungle

Jesse Wragg

Well, of course, I was going to include my own podcast on this list - what did you think?

If you're a marketplace seller - Amazon-only or more diversified, this podcast is for you!

I regularly get the opportunity to talk to some of the top names in the marketplace space so I've started hitting 'record' on these conversations to allow you to benefit from their expertise as much as I get to.

Some of the top episodes so far have included:
Stefan Haney 

A.K.A "The Godfather of Seller Central". This episode broke the formula a bit, in that it was primarily Amazon focussed, but how could it not be? Stefan Haney was VP at Amazon for 17 years and oversaw the development and release of most of the major seller tools available today.

In this episode, Stefan also talks about his journey away from Amazon, including founding an Amazon brand aggregator and helping them to grow their business.

Valerie Dichtl 

Having reached a point in her role as an Amazon Vendor Manager where she could no longer keep dragging her 'partners' back to the (re-)negotiating table, Valerie left Amazon to join a fashion brand in Germany. It was here, that she discovered the wealth of opportunities in the European marketplace landscape and how tricky it could be to navigate this.

After cutting her teeth in the day-to-day of running the marketplace operations for this brand, Valerie stepped away from the safety of full-time employment and founded her own company, Marketplace Uni. In this role, she educates marketplace managers from Europe's leading fashion brands to help them understand which marketplace opportunities exist to them and how they can best take advantage of these.

Valerie personifies the message of 'Marketplace Jungle', so I was honoured to be able to have her on as the very first guest!


Shah Sacki 

Shah Sacki is Managing Director at Rex Brown - a full-service solution which enables some of the top brands in the world to succeed on marketplaces in the UK.

In this episode, Shah talks about how Rex Brown helps brands such as Henkel, Unilever, L'Oreal & P&G to conquer the range of marketplace options available in the UK. In particular, we also talked about just how many extra channels were necessary to help keep Amazon's slice of the pie down to below 50%.

Tony Preedy 

Tony is CEO at Fruugo, a leading marketplace which puts internationalisation at the forefront of everything they do.

As a former Marketing Director at Lakeland, Tony also shares his thoughts on how brands in particular can use marketplaces to test new countries with minimal resource risk as well as how he helped guide Fruugo through a 10x growth period.


Want to tell your story on Marketplace Jungle, or recommend a guest? Let us know below!



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