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For Non-EU sellers, whether from post-Brexit Britain, North America, or further afield, finding their feet across the pond in mainland Europe raises myriad issues including storage & shipping, customs clearance, local tax requirements a plethora of linguistic & cultural challenges. Following Brexit, an estimated 70% of UK retailers pulled back from Amazon Germany alone.

Refining a unified marketplace strategy for Europe as a whole is a further challenge, with each country playing host to large local players offering strong alternatives to Amazon & eBay. For all but the largest retailers, the investment in time, energy, resources and of course, money is not justifiable, leading to many online sellers giving up on any hopes of finding an easy way of selling via European marketplaces, until now.

Selling on Marketplaces with eCommeleon, agorando & LKG-1


Having helped retailers expand into European marketplaces since 2007, the team behind eCommeleon are proud to help small and medium-sized retailers tackle all of these demands with one easy, affordable way of entering the European market via marketplaces.

- Jesse Wragg,
Co-Founder & Managing Director,

eCommeleon announced a new partnership with LKG, a 75-year-old fulfilment and logistics company based in Germany to offer “fulfilled by eCommeleon” - a solution where retailers can simply drop their goods in Germany, or have products delivered there directly from the country of origin, and eCommeleon and LKG will take care of the rest.

The eCommeleon technology connects to marketplaces around the world and in addition to pushing your product information in a highly optimised way to marketplaces, orders from your marketplace channels in Europe will flow directly into the logistics solution offered by LKG who will then pick pack and dispatch products to your European buyers, with next day delivery offered in Germany. If you need pallet shipments (e.g. to restock FBA warehouses), LKG can also handle this.

Of course, there is much more to selling on European marketplaces, with many only allowing you to open an account if you have not just local fulfilment, but also a registered business entity within the EU. This has been a hurdle for many retailers who find the costs and bureaucracy involved prohibitive. eCommeleon and LKG also offer a complete solution here where they will either help you establish a local business entity or if you don’t want to go through the hassle, they can sell products on your behalf through the selling account of LKG’s daughter company, Agorando. Rather than waiting months to be approved to open a selling account on some marketplaces you can sell your products on, for example, OTTO as soon as they land in the warehouse in Germany.

The complete solution also factors in the linguistic aspects of international selling, with high-quality translations and customer service for your international marketplaces being taken care of under the same roof.


Following a successful pilot project with Moleskine, the combined solution from eCommmelon, LKG & Agorando is now open for sellers of all shapes & sizes.

Many international marketplaces are already connected such as cdiscount in France and in The Netherlands, as well as the leading German marketplaces OTTO, Kaufland, Limango, Amazon & eBay and many more. You can also use eCommeleon to manage your domestic marketplaces and website as well if you’d like to keep it all under one roof.

“We’re really excited to finally have a solution for British retailers struggling after Brexit; something which is a true drop-and-go solution, designed to solve the issues created by Brexit as far as selling on marketplaces is concerned.”
- Jesse Wragg


LKG are one of Europe’s leading wholesale and distribution companies for the publishing industry. For more than 75 years, they have been helping some of Europe’s largest publishing houses with both B2B and D2C fulfilment and are proud to count companies such as Ravensburger & Moleskine as customers.

“Thanks to the partnership with eCommeleon, who bring both the technology and the marketplace expertise required, we are able to finally offer a solution to help our publishing customers start selling on Europe’s leading marketplaces. We are happy to be able to extend our service offering to more than just books, stationery and toys and to build this combined solution to help British retailers start selling in Germany and the rest of Europe once again”

- Frank Schulze, CEO,
LKG Group

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