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Wundercurves Case Study

Learn how the eCommeleon technology helps this niche German marketplace to onboard new sellers.


Project Highlights

Quick Integration

Within just two weeks, eCommeleon was completely integrated with Wundercurves allowing us to start onboarding sellers.

Speedy Onboarding

On average, eCommeleon needs just 1 hour to onboard new sellers to the Wundercurves marketplace.

Ongoing Connection

New listings or product updates are added automatically from the sellers' store, and orders pushed to their existing system.



Categories offered by Wundercurves:
Plus-sized fashion, accessories

Company Size:


The Challenge

A niche marketplace with a small team, Wundercurves often struggled to deal with the amount of work needed to onboard new sellers, necessary to increase the product offering on their marketplace and thus attract more buyers.
However, as most smaller marketplaces know, if you're not able to offer sellers a comparable turnover to larger marketplaces, it can be hard to convince them to invest the time necessary to prepare their product data for a new sales channel. As such, Wundercurves, like most smaller marketplaces, were forced to take on this time consuming work themselves.

The Solution

Leveraging eCommeleon's existing integrations and templating capabilities, a tailor-made technical integration for Wundercurves as a marketplace was set up and implemented to include:

  1. Marketplace "Product Classification Scheme" (categories, attributes, requirements etc.).
  2. An ETL (extract, transform, load) connector for loading product data in the marketplace data format and pipeline specifics.
  3. An order feed, allowing Wundercurves sellers to receive orders from the marketplace directly into their existing order-management system.

Building upon this technical framework, many existing merchant integrations have been migrated onto eCommeleon within a very short time, resulting in immediate mutual benefits for both the merchant partners and the platform.


"eCommeleon enabled us to rapidly integrate partners on our marketplace and ensure high-quality data.

We are more than happy with the eCommeleon solution and the professional team. We are very satisfied with the solution both from a technical and from a business perspective. eCommeleon exceeded our expectations and we frequently recommend it to merchants we work with. "

Stephan Schleuss,
CEO, Wundercurves

The Path to Success

There are a lot of components to a successful eCommerce business, but we’re here to help you find the providers you need to help you achieve your goals.

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Step One:

eCommeleon developed a new integration with Wundercurves, bringing the marketplace product requirements and templates into our system, ready to use.

Step Two:
Pilot Customers

The first 4 pilot customers were onboarded to Wundercurves within just 2 hours, showing that the integration was a success and we could move forward.

Step Three:

With the processes confirmed, eCommeleon is now a preferred partner to help would-be sellers onboard and start selling on their marketplace.


The Results

Since working with eCommeleon, the plus-size marketplace's sales and platform management say that "the merchant onboarding has consistently accelerated in speed and quality—for both the marketplace and the merchant partners."

  • The tailor-made integration provides new merchants with a smooth marketplace integration.
  • The professional services offering, which is clearly based on extensive experience and accumulated knowledge of global marketplaces' requirements and their individual optimisation needs allows for an optimised listing right from the get-go.
  • The "Convert Listings" feature enables the merchant partner to build upon existing marketplace listings in the same language (e.g., to convert their listings into a suitable format for


Now, thanks to the connection with eCommeleon, the Wundercurves team can focus on attracting more buyers to their marketplace, with eCommeleon quickly handling the onboarding process to ensure they can grow the product catalogue quicker than ever.

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