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Case Study: LKG Group

Learn how the eCommeleon technology enabled this tradition-rich, 75-year-old company to pivot to a marketplace strategy within just a few short months.

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Project Highlights

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Modernisation via Marketplaces

eCommeleon helped LKG to begin selling directly to end consumers on behalf of their distribution clients.

Results Within

Just 3 months after the first conversation, the first marketplace sales were coming in and LKG had a direct connection between marketplaces and their complex ERP system.

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Storing internal marketplace expertise in the way of eCommeleon templates and processes protects InterCultural Elements against personnel changes and helps them to grow their team through quicker employee onboarding.


Publishing, Fulfilment, Distribution

Company Size:

50-100m EUR

Number of Products:
100-500k SKUs



The Challenge

The Leipziger Kommissions- und Großbuchhandelsgesellschaft mbH (LKG) is one of Germany's most traditional distribution companies within the publishing industry.

A change in ownership in 2020, combined with the eCommerce boom started during the Covid-19 pandemic, led LKG into a new focus on modernisation; in particular, D2C and online selling. LKG is fortunate to count some of Europe's leading publishing houses among its customers, giving them a solid foundation to begin to build a successful marketplace business.

However, any modernisation project brings its own challenges, and LKG was attempting to deal with some of the most complex technology in eCommerce - marketplaces, and to do so in a short timeframe.

The Solution

eCommeleon built a complete technical connection with LKG's complex ERP system and establish processes that would allow us to convert product data stored here to be suitable for use on marketplaces.

We then ensured LKG could receive order information from marketplaces into the existing processes at their warehouse so they could offer quick shipping to marketplace shoppers around Europe.

Finally, following a successful pilot project, eCommeleon made the processes scalable, allowing LKG to sell products for all of their clients, across all marketplaces.


"Thanks to eCommeleon, we can now offer publishing companies, who have often struggled to enter the eCommerce market, an easy solution to sell on online marketplaces around the world.”

Frank Schulze,
CEO, LKG Group
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The Results

Within just 3 months of the first meeting, eCommeleon & LKG had successfully received the first orders from a marketplace - It's worth mentioning at this point, that a typical onboarding with eCommeleon usually only takes 2 weeks, but the complexities of the ERP system from LKG did result in the project taking a bit longer than usual. Nevertheless, using their customer Moleskine as a pilot for this project, LKG were now able to offer over 1,000 products for sale on their first marketplace account on OTTO, through their daughter company Agorando.

Working directly with the brand, LKG are able to offer Moleskine the confidence as a retailer that their brand message will be protected on marketplaces, ensuring that the content used is of the highest quality, with sales profiting both parties.



In addition to being able to help their existing clients start selling on marketplaces and reaching their consumers directly, the partnership between LKG & eCommeleon now also allows eCommeleon sellers to have a reliable alternative logistics solution within Germany.

Marketplace sellers can store products at LKG, manage product data in eCommeleon, and allow products to be sold either by their own selling account or via Agorando.

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