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Case Study: InterCultural Elements

Learn how the eCommeleon technology enabled this cross-border trade agency to help their clients to expand internationally via marketplaces.


Project Highlights

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Additional Products

In addition to being able to work inside of the software used by their sellers, InterCultural Elements can now help retailers who can't afford to pay for expensive eCommerce listing software tools by allowing them to manage product data within eCommeleon.

Massive Time Savings

InterCultural Elements reported a significant increase in efficiency, allowing them to dedicate the saved time to focus on further optimisation opportunities as well as to help even more sellers achieve their expansion goals.


Ongoing Expertise

Storing internal marketplace expertise in the way of eCommeleon templates and processes protects InterCultural Elements against personnel changes and helps them to grow their team through quicker employee onboarding.



Services offered by InterCultural Elements:
Marketplace expansion, customer service, translation, account management

Company Size:


The Challenge

Since 2007, the InterCultural Elements team have been helping retailers to expand internationally via marketplaces.

Despite this expertise, InterCultural Elements were often caught between online retailers' messy, erroneous product data and the ever-changing, complex requirements set by international marketplaces. Like many agencies, regularly facing the task of bringing order to chaos in this product data is only the beginning of an expansion project.

Helping sellers expand into new markets requires a lot of internal expertise which, if not saved somewhere in the form of processes and templates, can make it hard to scale as an agency grows.

eCommeleon was born to solve all of these problems and more.

The Solution

The software today known as eCommeleon started life as a series of internal tools at InterCultural Elements.

eCommeleon was built to handle the data complexities when working between sellers' in all major categories, and marketplaces, each with their own, ever-changing requirements.

The InterCultural Elements team worked with eCommeleon from the very beginning, helping to grow it from a series of complex Excel sheets to the pioneering marketplace technology you see today.

The eCommeleon technology is used to help agencies like InterCultural Elements:

  • Handle large amounts of product data from various sources, quickly and efficiently
  • Localise and translate listings for international sales
  • Collaborate with clients on the creation of new listings
  • Find and assign the most appropriate marketplace categories on marketplaces
  • Create new marketplace listings based specifically on the requirements of each channel
  • Onboard new team members quicker than ever

"Thanks to eCommeleon, we were able to significantly improve the way we help sellers expand to new marketplaces, saving valuable time and effort in the process."

Scott Galvao,
Managing Director, InterCultural Elements

The Results

Since working with eCommeleon, the agency management say that "many processes are more efficient than ever, sometimes saving significant amounts of time when creating new products". The project management functionalities enable greater collaboration across the InterCultural Elements team.

  • Through the use of templates, InterCultural Elements are able to be even more efficient when working on repeat projects.
  • The internal expertise at the agency is able to be stored within marketplace processes in eCommeleon, helping InterCultural Elements to onboard new staff members quicker than ever.
  • InterCultural Elements are able to offer their services to users of other listings tools like ChannelAdvisor, PlentyMarkets or Tradebyte, or even allow such sellers to save these costs by managing their products directly within eCommeleon.


Now, thanks to eCommeleon, the InterCultural Elements team can help more online retailers from around the world to achieve their international expansion goals via marketplaces. They've been able to grow their team without lengthy onboarding processes and even increase the range of services offered to their clients.

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