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Jesse Wragg

Jesse Wragg

As Co-Founder & Managing Director, Jesse offers opinions and news about the e-commerce industry as a whole, best practices and partner updates. You can also expect to find information and updates about eCommeleon itself coming from Jesse!
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The Top eCommerce Podcasts for Marketplace Sellers

Whether I'm walking my dog, cooking, or hanging out the washing, podcasts are a mainstay in my...

Case Study: Wundercurves

Learn how the eCommeleon technology helps this niche German marketplace to onboard new sellers.

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What to ask yourself before taking your eCommerce business abroad

Even in this increasingly globalised world, successful international e-commerce expansion isn’t as...
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What is the recipe to take on Amazon?

I read an interesting article (in German) which explains how with the growth of Amazon here in...
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European marketplaces team up to take on Amazon

It’s something we hear all the time; “will this marketplace be the next Amazon?”, “that marketplace...